Friday, December 20, 2013


I've just uploaded a book onto Amazon Kindle, a first for me as I have never self-published before. Several years ago I edited a fiction magazine and it was a no-go area for my own stories; that would have been vanity, and I wanted nothing to do with that.  However, I needed a little practice and so I have started out modestly; Madam Macabre ( ) is a 10,300 word chapbook (novelette?) that was accepted by an American company but never published. I signed a two-year contract with them which expired a few months ago; and so, with the terms of that agreement broken, I decided to go ahead with it (Well, it had been given a seal of approval, so I could at least tell myself that it was not vanity)
    The reason I took this step is because I have been involved in a project for the last few years (I won't go into details, just read the blog below this one). The first book - hopefully in a series - will get a limited print run and then it will be sold online. We have been advised to take this step ourselves, and so Madam Macabre is something of a dry run. It took a couple of frustrating days, but I finally got to hit the 'publish' button. Now I know that self publishing is not exactly rocket science, and I'll be good to go when the time comes.
    I can certainly see the benefits. No overheads like delivery charges, just a no risk venture where the only thing you stand to lose is pride. But of course, Amazon is a minefield of idiot reviewers and so-called 'sock-puppeteers', and even our greatest writers are at the mercy of the morons. Let's face it, you don't need to be a great writer to publish on Amazon, and by the same token, you don't need to have two brain cells to rub together in order to write a review on there. So not only is it a breeding ground for some of the most abysmal fiction in the world, it has also given rise to some of the most cretinous comments ever posted in the name of a review. Still, everything has a downside, so we must take the rough with the smooth. Like I say, Madam Macabre is something of a trial run. But if some people actually like it, that will be a rather nice bonus!