Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Popping to the shop the other day, I was held up by a film crew. They were shooting an episode of a series called Torchwood (the Dr Who spin off), and were using my old school (Radyr Primary) as a location. According to the notices, it's an episode about Fairy's at the bottom of a garden, and it's to be screened on December the 5th. They had to film one scene; a man driving a car out of the car park. I had to wait nearly an hour as he drove out, reversed back in, drove out ... three times in all, though for the life of me, I couldn't see what was wrong with the first take. Did the car fluff it's lines? Did a member of the crew fart? It it takes that long to film a car driving up a road, God knows how long it takes them to get the more technical stuff right! Still, I'll watch the episode with interest.

And now, I am in the 21st century. For the price of £29.99 I purchased a digi-box, and I now have more than 20 channels to chose from ... and there's still bugger all to watch! No change there, then.