Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Congratulations Sarah & Guy

Now I get to write about a pretty wonderful weekend, where I finally got to attend the wedding of my niece, Sarah Jayne. The venue was The Botleigh Grange Hotel, in Hampshire; a quaint, old-fashioned establishment that is the perfect venue for such an occasion. I booked in on the Friday, and was pleasantly surprised to receive an actual room key (as opposed to one of those blasted swipe cards) ; a long silver one with a fob at the end, stating your room number. A solid wooden door, an elegant room with a large bed; this was a classy place. All we could do now was hope that everything went well on the day.
Saturday, and after a gloomy week the sun was out and the day was warm. Ideal for a photo-shoot in the sprawling, picturesque gardens behind the hotel. First, there was much fretting and pre-wedding nerves, but I'm pleased to report that the occasion couldn't have run more smoothly. Sarah married Guy, pictures were taken on the grounds, the bridesmaids cried their eyes out, the after wedding speeches were suitably amusing. The climax was the traditional disco, complete with a sumptuous buffet. Whatever the cost of the wedding, the hotel certainly justified every penny of it.
I wish Sarah Jayne and Guy all the best for the future. Married life certainly got off to a great start for them.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Finally got around to the grim business of making a will. A painless enough process, and I now know that my family will be provided for when I kick the bucket (as opposed to those grasping vipers The Council, who'd be entitled to grab my property had I been careless enough to die intestate.

All this beggeed the question, is there such a word as 'testate'? Quick check, and the answer is yes. Now I can put that wretched document away and forget about it.

This was sorted out in time for me to enjoy the annual FantasyCon in Nottingham, where I once again celebrated my birthday. And once again it was a cracking get-together, and I got to enjoy some excellent beer in Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, while meeting up with some 'olde' friends.
It seems that the World Horror Convention for 2010 is going to be held in Brighton, its first ever staging in Britain. I'm up for that, but it won't have the appeal of Chicago, New York or Toronto, which I have had the pleasure of attending in the past.

However, next thing on the agenday is a trip to Southampton for my niece Sarah's wedding. Expect a suitable humourous addition to this blog. 'Till next time ...