Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook Follies

I signed up for facebook ... and immediately tried to get off it when my in-box started filling up. However, as I posted on a writers forum, I was soon getting 'be-my-friend' requests (mostly off people I knew, but a couple off complete strangers; still, I'm told people on this site collect 'friends' like a philatelist collects stamps, so nothing unusual there, it seems). Which is all very well, but I'm going to get really pissed off if my in-box starts to fill up with 'So and So has just posted a message on your forum' notices. As these postings rarely get beyond one or two lines, and no one ever posts anything of importance, I hardly need e-mailed updates to tell me this! Even more irritating, the sodding thing kept rejecting my password; after a whole week of resetting the damn thing, I finally came up with one it accepted. This was more infuriating, as I only kept the facebook page because I couldn't get rid of it (and I tried, believe me!)
So what of Facebook? Mostly crap, it has to be said. useful for organizing events and sending out invitations, but mostly a collection of banal comments which leave me feeling that some people really need to get a life. Still, I'm there now; just remember a few things if you want to pal up with me on it;
I do not want to 'join a vampire club and bite someone on the ass', and I do not want to 'join a high stakes poker game and play cards on-line'. This is some of the things I've blocked so far, and the same goes for anything else in this vain; I do not spend all my spare time on the ruddy internet!
However, I may as well make the most of it; it might be amusing, and there's a few people it will be good to keep in touch with. I just wish I'd known what I was letting myself in for when I signed up for it!