Thursday, March 23, 2006

So, after the elation of last years Grand Slam, comes the inevitable comedown; one from the bottom of The 6 Nations table; just ahead of Italy, just behind England. It could have been worse, but we should be used to seeing the Welsh team tumbling from the top of the pile by now. Of course, defeat is never gracefully accepted. Scott Johnson is likely to quit as the Welsh coach, melodramatically claiming that backstabbers have left him feeling 'as bloodied as Braveheart'. England coach Andy Robinson looks set to fall on his sword in similar fashion. Whatever happened the expression, 'It's only a game.' ? Last year was fantastic, but it could never last. The 70's, a time when the Welsh squad really were unbeatable, are long gone. We were spoilt, and we may never see an era like that again; so lets enjoy the game and take the rough with the smooth. (Yeah, as if!)
Still, a bit of patriotic spirit never goes amiss, and if this wasn't our year ... well, maybe our time will come again. Here's to 2007.

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