Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I have now given my first 'official' pint of blood. While shopping at Asda, I saw a sign saying that a mobile unit would be calling by on the following Thursday; so I duly presented myself on the day, and can now 'officially' call myself 'a blood donor'. A few days later, it was many happy returns to my brother, Bob, who hit 60. Wow, I hope I'm a lot fitter than him when I reach that age ;-)
And speaking of Bob's ... on Wednesday evenings I go down my local pub, The Ty-nant (that means house by the stream) and test my general knowledge in 'Bob's Big Quiz'. He's been asking why I haven't posted a link to his website. Good question, so here goes http://www.bobsbigquiz.co.uk . If you're ever in the vicinity, drop in and get a load of the most irritating catchphrases in any pub quiz, anywhere in the country:-)

Hmm. Giving blood and taking part in pub quizzes. I really live the life, don't I!

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