Friday, August 26, 2005

So far, I haven't had a good rant about something on this page. Well, as no blog would be complete without a grumble, here goes.
How do BR justify the cost of a trip on The Heathrow Express? On the face of it, this seems a good service; a cheap return to Paddington, then a train straight to your terminal. That journey from Paddington to Heathrow takes less than fifteen minutes; and yet they charge £16 ... ONE WAY!!!
So £32 there and back. The Cardiff/Paddington return was only £49, so the only expression that springs to mind for this little practice is 'Rip Off'!
Let's face it, BR can hardly say that it doesn't get used very often; it's always full; and what do you get for such an exorbitant cost? A free drink? Some food, maybe? No; it's a fifteen minute journey; you get a common or garden train and that's it.
So next time it'll be a case of 'stuff the train, I'm taking the coach'. The train is quicker and more convenient, but a return on a coach will be a lot cheaper that the £81 I ended up forking out to British Rail. This may be the age of the train, but at those prices they can stuff it!

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